Custom Maya Shelf Install Instructions

Any questions for your install, email or Skype call us at "lollipopshaders"

The custom shelf includes a number of plugins, shaders, and tools that get all installed at once, so you don't have to install each individual product. It includes our new conversion tools, RIS100 library (PxrDisney), RIS100 library (PxrLM), and we'll be adding more updates as they become available.

(1) Copy the scripts & prefs folders → your Maya folder:

From your product download here:

To your Maya folder here (OSX example):

(Windows example):

(Linux example):

It will ask you to merge with what's already there, that's OK it will keep your existing files and just add these new ones:

(2) Re-start Maya and click on the different buttons to launch the different tools.

Trouble Shooting

Maya has a bug where it sometimes won't load the icons in the custom shelf and the shelf will be blank. If this happens delete your userPrefs.mel file and re-start Maya. This file is located in your prefs directory (see above for its location based on your OS).

Happy Rendering!

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