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Training: New "RND203" course on fxphd on RenderMan19

New for 2015: RenderMan RIS latest LM Shading, SE Expressions, and Patterns!

Training: Private workshop in Shanghai, China.

We hosted a 1-week training for instructors at the Shanghai Art+Design Institute in Dec.2014!

Filmakademie Workshop

Arkell & Christos from LollipopShaders travelled to Ludwigsburg, Germany in April 2013 to teach a 4-day workshop at the Filmakademie University.

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RIS: RIS100 Preset Library
RIS: Occlusion Integrator
Plausible Carpaint Shader
Plausible Brushed Metal Shader
Plausible Iridescence Shader
Plausible Ocean Shader
Plausible Subsurface Shader
Suite: RIS Starter
Suite: Architecture
Suite: Car Rendering
Suite: Sketch & Toon
Suite: Ocean
HDR: Geographe Bay Timelapse
HDR: Underwater
HDR: Full Moon

"RenderMan Studio ships with a great library of physically plausible shaders, however for an extreme close-up in our Nissan Juke commercial, we needed a very specific look for metallic car paint. The paint had to look completely photorealistic, and we found that we required more artistic controls, including adjusting color layers, shaping metallic flakes, and pattern placement. We used LollipopShaders’ Carpaint shader to achieve these desired looks out-of-the-box and are very happy with the final result..."
--Armando Ricalde, Cluster Studio

"We knew early on that we would need some further customized shading solutions not only to distinguish ourselves from the other shows and our competitors, but also to take advantage of procedural techniques for our environments to make them more visually rich and complex without having to manually paint and manage many different texture maps for each asset. The LollipopShaders team already had a lot of experience with these procedural techniques, so it was great to collaborate with Christos and his team on our production. With our ideas and feedback..."
--Richard Purcell, DHXMedia / Jim Henson Doozers Project

"We were looking for a high-end shader that would work with the new RenderMan Studio suite and we found it and more with the LollipopShaders Team. We had some roadblocks that I encountered at first like the initial setup in RenderMan Studio, but the LollipopShaders team helped me work through them and knocked it out of the park. In particular I was having trouble dialing the metal sparkles in the carpaint for such a hi-res render, but we ended up working through it; also they walked me through some basic steps in converting my HDR's to work with Image Based Lighting..."
--Craig Guessford, Carpaint Shader Customer

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PRODUCTS - RenderMan Shaders

Ocean Shader


This plugin shader can be applied to a flat piece of geometry, like a flat grid, and turns it into a choppy ocean complete with controllable multi-layers of waves and white caps!

Snow Shader

Shader: SNOW

Its challenging to master the high-frequency geometry of snow, along with the subtle subsurface scattering and sparkles, our snow shader supports all these features!

posted : Monday, July 12th, 2010

tags :

Carpaint Shader


Base metal with paint, metallic flakes, and top layer clearcoat are features of this popular shader. Multiple approaches for metallic flakes make the workflow stand out.

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PRODUCTS - HDR Lightmaps

HDR Lightmap: DUSK

Magic Hour. Dusk. Its a great time of day to shoot photos. So that's what we did with our new Dusk HDR Lightmap.

HDR Underwater Lightmap


The 1st professionally captured, unclipped, underwater HDR Lightmap! Read the newsletter release including behind-the-scenes info, and check out the full details on our store.

HDR Underwater Lightmap

HDR Lightmap: Muir Woods

One of our favorite maps, taken at Muir Woods, California. The blue sky above and deep forest of redwoods below give this map a great contrast range!

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Video: Ocean Shader Tutorial

Part 2 of our 3-part series tutorial videos on using the Ocean Shader with Maya & RenderMan Studio.

Video: Colored Occlsusion Tutorial

Video: Colored Occlusion Tutorial

A 4-min tutorial video on our Colored Occlusion Shader.

Video: Precious Metals Tutorial

Video: Precious Metals Tutorial

This 14-min video steps through purchasing our shaders on our store, installing, and rendering with the precious metals shader in Houdini/RenderMan.

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